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After the dark…

Tonight at the midnight mass of Christmas the priest’s said this ‘The only thing we know about the birth of Jesus was that he was born in the night.’

Often in the scriptures the small details were the most important.  Why was this an important detail? Because
“God could have just brought the light onto the world, chasing the darkness away so why did he not? God gave us the chance to gain satisfaction that one obtains from transcending out of the darkness and coming into the light with some one holding your hand and helping you along the way (Jesus).

I could not listen anymore for my mind went straight away to my business model. That this is the only way to do business, have I not gone through the dark myself? Have I not been mentored, given a guiding hand, in order for me to come into the light? Wow all I could think of was how blessed I am to have not only found the #SFM but also to have stuck it out!

Had I not come out to the other side into the light and gained a profound satisfaction?

“And you use the light that Jesus ‘gives’ you to shine out and give it to other people, that also procures you a feeling of love and belonging…”

What greater joy, then could I possibly have in my business than playing the mentor, Jesus even – with out blasphemous intentions, none?!

So opon entering the Church we were given candles, it was pitch black and then 1 by 1 the candles lit, and at the end we relit the candles in order to shine like the candle with the love of God inside us..

If you want this for your business (without the religious parts at all) then I would say you click on the link and get your training videos in your inbox, get your application form in and get you feeling like a big boy!