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For all who took action and got their memberships 
I want to give you this FREE…
to help you manifest your true self…
I know I have been not as actively talking to you recently,
please do not take this personally and know you are
constantly on my mind!
Yes, of course it’s true!!!
I am constantly trying to figure out new ways of helping you
and making sure you get all the right things in place so as to
What else is there to do in life? but learn skills? This we do daily without batting an eyelid as kids….
Time will pass regardless, so why not make it worth something and learn skills?
skills board blue

skills board blue

So if you want to learn the biggest skill of all, that being yourself, then for goddness sake’s do something about it! Join the Six Figure Mentors for they will bring you to levels of your greater self that you have no idea about now! To be mentored by  Jay KUBASSEK or Stuart ROSS is so empowering there is not a thing that comes close…
The other day I had a down in the dumps day, as one does, and even 2 meditations, a lovely play by one of my children, meeting people of the village at this even did nothing but worsten my predicament! I went home early to be on the webinar with Jay… Goodness me I came off that webinar  (video here )a completely different person – believe you me!
So go to this link for info on SFM
and here to meet KUBA