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OK this is it… I have gone through some tough times recently and the only thing that kept me alive was my business, was the mear fact that some community member said something positive about my video, blog post that I managed to muster the courage to write!
You see I have been in love with my husband for +27 yrs and recently he has started b me! The first time and then it just never stops… Any comment is misconstruded (is that a word?) and in the end just as I was just doing my business, my online business with the most amazing mentors and community. This has really just helped me blossom out…
Now I would love to help other women in my situation then that is my mission from now on – I looked at my mother, my friends and just women in general and noted that yes they traded, not all but some did and I did not want to be one of them! So I’m being brave – leaving the man behind, BUT you can not do it any which way – I bear no resentment and I forgive…
On the whole for sometimes I just like any other person who has been there just want him castrated and away from the children……………………..
But one must remain calm and collected
For this I really have my 2 mentors to thank and my own self!!!! yes I can thank me and love me now!
so please just send me a private message, an email or jsut call viber 0033613525725 I am awaiting to help you all ladies 🙂


This is a video sent to me from a fellow woman just a few minutes after I posted this on Facebook – on a women’s group – and this gave me the courage to have it on my site <3