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Want and Love. Treating leads either way can change your business!

These are 2 very different emotions.  So different I have not been able to make just one article! So wait for installment 2 for the love part 🙂

Want… Here is a place I have been sooooo long I care not to think about it any more!

Love…  A place of gratitude and plenitude that fills my every last cell with joy.

Want and Love. Treating leads either way can change your business!

The above image is for me really how I feel when I am in want. But to know that you must have been in gratitude, obviously! So for years I felt so bad about my self and did not know why but that luer of light was my gratitude side always present and always somehow keeping me afloat… When you want something you are in the “desperate”  mode, grabbing what you can from whom you can so on and so forth.  Most of us start our marketing like this not realising it obviously!

We are desperate for leads to get on our team and for leads to become our downline, we beg, steel and borrow to get leads  in – we ar in a place of want.

Want and Love. Treating leads either way can change your business!

To want, to want, to want.  Tis pretty much like that, eh? Just asking constantly, “I want doesn’t get.” I was taught. But it is not any easier either to know that it just makes it harder to stop wanting! It seems people around you are just being tougher on you and life is giving you some exceedingly hard blows but somehow you just plough on through and come out like this…

Bigger hands with which to grab and a bigger mouth too…

Now as a marketer when we are in this ‘rut’ it is unforeseeable to get out – truly I do not know how or what triggered me off.

I can but say that to surround yourself with people who are in another world and preferably one of gratitude is the very first step to take.  I recall a conversation I had with one of my mentors, you have probably heard of the phrases along those lines that just change your friends and relationships…But this is harder to do than most people think and even though I only had at the time 2 people I spoke with in my village I was making sure that I got less and less involved with them. Then this conversation happened and let’s call him Simon for now, was saying that it’s not necessary to change your friends per se but what you talk to them about…

For example a friend of his had been thinking for years of starting up a dry cleaning  shop and his sister started telling him how it was not a good idea, he could not manage a shop, why did he not just keep his job???? As entrepreneurs we have all heard this but Simon’s response was the following ‘ So Gerald, your sister does what for a living?’ ‘She works in the town hall’ ‘So she is an employee? I as a successful millionaire entrepreneur tell you this is a good idea. You’ve researched the area and done your financial planning. Now who are you going to listen?’ and whilst he was telling me this I got the message – it is not change your friends but change what you say to whom you say it!

This my friends is the first step to becoming grateful 😉

See you tomorrow for episode 2…