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There are many affiliate companies, the question to ask is rather, what sort of products do I feel comfortable selling? Do I know how to sell these products?

From there you can then research as to which company you want to market for.

There are companies such as clickbank with a range of products;

There are other companies that offer a commission for the sales of their products;

Then there are companies that educate you with an ‘earn as you learn’ business system as you sell their products and earn commissions.

This is the particular model I have chosen for:

  1. They have a great teaching system, by other marketers who are actually running their own business via digital marketing;
  2. They have a ‘done it all for you’ system, what that means is they have websites, landing pages, marketing funnels, lead magnets… all ready for you to use;
  3. The technical side is second to none and every time there is a new product they bring out – we not only get to market it first, we get it for free too!!
  4. Their support system shines – they are people you know and meet so when you ask your question you are talking to some ONE and not just a ticket;
  5. Their community becomes family. Let me elaborate on that for it is one hell of an important point!
    1. People whom you love and trust will become naysayers – you know ‘What are you doing here, with this online stuff?’ ‘Why don’t you get a real job?’ ‘How long before you make real money?’ – so as the community members all get this we know and understand where you are coming from;
    2. The community website is where you can ask help from fellow members and as we are world wide there is always someone there to help you – I recall one dark night as I was toying with HTML (there is none now 😉 ) tearing my hair out just to put an image in my website, I plugged into the community and asked if there was … As it happens there was a programmer in Australia (so mid day for him!) and we got it sussed within minuites (ahh 😀 );
    3. We all want to provide value to the marketplace and help our fellow humans gain this FREEDOM we have from all constraints;
    4. The biggest freedom is from ourselves with all the mind work we do together and alone. (This is why I created MindSeeds, so as to help more and more);
    5. I could go on and on here but you get the gist! <3
  6. Their events are over the top, service like never – stuffed with all sorts of goodies at various times and the content… Words fail me

As you can tell I am infatuated with this system that has given me so much from which I have grown so. How can I fail to sell and in passing get my commission?

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with love