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What if this was real?

This is a question I often ask myself, ‘What if I suddenly died?’

So I live each moment in gratitude;

Each moment in love;

Each moment happy for my body – however it looks at this present moment…

What if….

What if I just lost the plot and had a row with you? I forgive you as quickly as possible and try to call you to allow you the same freedom;

What if I just got ‘done over financially?’ Money is only that I thank myself for the health I have, this enables me to move mountains…

What if I get ill?

You see this is way more complex to deal with than any of the other reasons of this planet that I may have mentioned.

Being ill is a symptom of some deeper ailment. What if I can’t work out what this means? Then I can never get better…

In that case I just try and trust that the lesson it is sending my body will be learnt and I shall recover…

Recently this very experience happened and that is what I did: The dog had fleas, so off we went to get a treatment for that at the vets. That very night I had these rash like patches on my bosom… Having just read and congratulated this lady new friend of her finding out about her breast cancer and she shared how she was dealing with it, I was in awe of her for sure – so very brave, caring, loving and strong of her to share and deal with it like that. So of course I immediately think

‘WHAT IF…….?’

No I will not rewrite those dark feelings and questions I prefer to let YOU fill in the blanks for the purpose of the exercise!

Because I am strong and I know better I just brushed – in a couple more strokes than usual!!- it off and slept thinking tomorrow morning it will be gone.

But it wasn’t gone and in fact it got more patches and got hard… I washed everything I could lay my hands on, clothes, sheets, dog’s blanket, cat’s bedding, you name it, in the machine it went, and on the long cycle hot. The next day worse still it had propagated to the other breast!

So now I am being super strong and refusing to allow this to take hold on me – convincing myself that it was a bug in my bra…. Covering the itchy patches with ‘argile’ clay, putting Aloe gel on…

On the other hand I could have panicked, I could have gone down the spiral of what if…. I could have totally lost it and the rash spreading more and more, letting fear have it’s way, giving into the monkey shoulder talk… But I did not.

I kept my vibrations high, meditated a lot and concentrated on going into my body and fixing it

No what if here, move along please…

And so it started to get better and leave my body – a week later I still bear some marks but that ain’t nothing compared to what it could have been, to the hospital bed I could be lying in now, the hair falling out ……..

So let’s turn it around and

What if I really succeed?

what if I make a shit load of money?

what if I really charged my worth?

what if was a positive statement?

Wow I like that…

What if you commented and told your own what if statement 🙂