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This is the eternal question 😉 There is no such thing as free anything if you want free traffic then you need to put in the time… Just making that very clear so that you know!

To get targeted traffic you need to know the product you are selling very well, so as to want to use it, read it etc yourself. This way you can give content as a consumer and not just trying to sell something. You can even write the little tit bits that you have found useful, harmful or less useful for/about the product.

This way people will trust your judgement and agree along with your point of view. So that way your call to action at the bottom of the page or dotted throughout the article/review they will be more inclined to follow your lead and buy 🙂

What you should not do is say ‘BUY MY STUFF’ ‘GIVE ME YOUR CC NUMBERS’ that is such a turn off and ‘I’ll run a mile from this dude!!’ those days are over and gone 🙂

All this is leading the prospect into your funnel and sorting out your leads for you. Your time is precious and you really don’t want to be ‘convincing’ anyone of anything, either they do or they don’t. BUT they must be informed first right?! Just look at what you yourself do before you buy something online – generally you

  • research this site and that site;
  • prefer the way this person writes – put it in your favorites, open a new tab…
  • love the images here;
  • best prices there….

So why should it be different for your prospects? They won’t land on your page and see the holy grail!

So free means doing some ground work, research, using the product yourself and reviewing it…

This is all stuff that you learn when you get a digital education – this phrase sometimes scares people off and that’s fine but I try and at least document people so that they can decide if this is for them or not. Invariably it will have to be for you, so why not get a head start and gently lead yourself onto the digital scene with the best… Go have a look at my website Digital Education Giving Freedom For You in the 21st Century make an informed decision.

Enjoy the journey