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This question is too late! Sorry- the website is part of the strategie not the plate that is put on the table awaiting food to be put into it for the reader to eat….

So it is not the website itself you are promoting, it is it’s content, right? 🙂

The website serves as a window with all your valuable content. Your valuable content has been researched, documented, analysed, words put into phrases to write the articles thus knowing what your target audience is searching for and thus your website is already ranking organically the minute it’s published 😉 SEO and all…

Failing that …

And most people do it this way so please don’t think you are alone here 😉

This is why a digital education is so important to your strategy, for promoting what the website is about. Divine’s answer below is well structured to answer this and I know it to be effective – my clients do it this way before I teach them, as best I can. One client changed his website around and made a digital product going from having just a summer camp (he was a pro baseball player) to having a digital product of his famous throw and now could be serving kids worldwide… But he did the groundwork of getting the education, and we worked then on the strategies, and product launches….

So you see with an education you can completely turn your perspective around, with the skills you have already 🙂 You just need to know how to get them and market them. It takes just a little more than an advert here and there 😉

Should you be interested in gaining some free training please go to my site and sign up to receive the videos chez vous 🙂 Freedom For You in the 21st Century

Enjoy 🙂