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Hi. Again and again when this question is asked I retort with another question:

If you start a job – what is the first thing you do?

  • Generally someone shows you the ropes;
  • You get a referee to go to in case of need;
  • And you have co-workers peers to help you with the everyday mundane stuff.

So why should it be different as an affiliate?

  • Get an education;
  • Get mentorship;
  • Surround yourself with a community of like minded individuals 🙂

In the answers below they all have valid points, and I was fortunate enough to find all three of the above in one company.

    1. For me this is first and foremost. I may have many degrees and love to study, I like to go into ventures prepared…
    2. You can not go into battle as the commanding officer and be the soldier, right? The top army guy has taken years in the field, and before that studied at a military school right? 🙂
    3. Marketing, as a college degree is a minimum of 3 years study course. Online and as a practitioner there is no faster way to learn. For this your budget needs to be in the millions. Obviously this can not be and so most affiliates give up with this venture and try another – loosing all their learnt skills and living the catch 22 live!!!
  2. So leverage that with A MENTOR – he has the ground work and the millions.
      1. This does not mean you get his millions in your account –
      2. it does mean that his experience will save you millions!!
    1. Learning marketing is a SKILL that is needed of course. But whilst you’re knee deep in marketing funnels, autoresponders, websites, landing pages and the like there is a system that has it all done for you –
    2. the digital education is there – on a platform in a back office (I love to say that even today – feel like a million dollar trader 😉
    3. So this EARN AS YOU LEARN business system means that they have all the training you need and the pages, websites etc there all you have to do is learn from the mentors and implement what they teach you.
    4. Oh did I mention that they are still marketing? So when Google, Facebook, Bing etc change an algorithm they are also hit by the change. Their expertise does make the learning curve of getting back up and running so much faster, for they are doing it too and have much more experience than you do as a beginner!!
  3. THE COMMUNITY of like minded individuals.
    1. Oh my do not get me started here or I shall never stop!!
    2. The importance of this is vital and too often overlooked.
    3. Not only can you ask newbie questions to your fellow affiliate members, but you can also get to mastermind with them in smaller groups.
    4. The power of this is immense – leaders LEARN, IMPLEMENT, TEACH and we get to do all that not only with our teams but also with our peers… Gratitudes or what <3



In its bare bones. Should you want to look at this business model you can test drive here for a full month… But I would recommend you really work hard during these 30 days for they are guaranteed to change your life – should you let them… After all isn’t that why we all want to have a digital lifestyle?!