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Clarity is the fruit of everything!

If you are new to the internet marketing business or the entrepreneurial world then there is all the jargon and the ways to ‘do business’ online that you may now have become aware of.

You are probably wondering what all this internet opportunity is about. A business in a box? What on earth is that about? A business model you can just plug into, with set phrases ‘Silver bullet’, ‘Get Rich Quick’… WHICH WAY TO TURN?

So you click here, look up that one, oh and open yet another tab on the old computer to see this for it looks exciting… Then your computer is getting so slow, you can not even read the tabs and get so confused…

This is how generally I do my research, for I need a lot of information! Some times there will be one that just sticks out from the rest for they are just different and the search is rapid and efficient – this is rarely the case!




Then either I stop my research for I know that I have found the one and need look no further, or to clarify it in my mind I personally will go off and do something completely different, say cook a meal, cake, laundry (there’s always plenty), go walk the dog anything that keeps my mind slightly busy so that the sub conscious mind can work.

Once the mud has settled …

Clarity sets in

That is when all the research that was done previously must be resorted and dealt with 🙂  That does entail closing tabs in the browser and looking at just the new interesting pieces of information. These make suddenly sense, and I find myself wizzing through (or so it now seems) the relevant information  taking only the information that seems vital to my research.

So if you are sitting on the fence..

Make a choice for one offer and close all the other tabs. Get clarity for that offer, sift through it. Sleep on it, letting the sub conscious mind do the work and see how you feel in the morning.  This can be done for the other offers, one at a time.

Once the choice made

On an offer then implement it and stick to your guns, stand by your choice. Come hell or high water you will ensure that during at least one month you shall be techable, you shall do all you are told without quibbling and see where that takes you!  If after 30 days you can not see yourself in this venture or this selling ebooks type is not a business model for you then ask for your money back- really honest ventures offer this.

I personally was lucky and SFM was my first choice! But to me there was something about them – the leaders, Jay and Stuart that I knew this was the model for me! This was a real business model with a real leverage of the internet teaching me skills I WOULD KEEP FOR A LIFETIME!



You could even write your own ebooks, or bigger best sellers as have done some members!

So if you are already a member and are not taking action, I get it, I just ask that either you unsubscribe from my list or take the application package at $29.95, the price of a couple of Starbucks, that could change your life. Are you seriously wanting to change your life? Are you telling me that this fee $29.95 is a hand break to you starting your entrepreneurial journey? Then I would suggest you remain an employee, for that is not an entrepreneurial mind