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First off it all depends on what you mean with exactly expensive toys…

These could be anything from:

  • Brio trains (which when my kids were little -about 20 years ago) which were wooden these sets would eventually add up quickly to the hundreds of Euros;
  • To Robotic toys which cost thousands in themselves;
  • Collector item toys…

So ideally you should have lots of pages on your website to cover each niche and toy.

To know what your audience is asking for, the questions that may be they are looking to answer, in what stage of the buying cycle they are at… ALl these questions and much more is known as market research.

Once you have all the answers to questions your niche is asking:

  1. you BUILD the website.
    1. Remember that websites are living ‘pages’ and posts, they are not static as once were, they have evolved 😉
    2. Images for expensive toys must be of excellent quality;
    3. Give a chic – simple and bare – look to your website for easy flow of the end user (the customer);
    4. Have content the user can use with their children by guiding them to ask the child which colour is prefered etc…
    5. Because you have researched the information clients are looking to answer you have tons of articles to write up – content is flowing. Not to panic at the thought of tons of articles to write up for if you know your customers are looking for wooden trains, let’s say, then you have types of wooden trains Brio, Thomas the Tank engin, Ikea even all these can be quickly compared with photos and comments should you not feel up to writing 500 words or so 😉
  2. You must constantly be interacting with your audience on social media
    1. One account for each toy for you can not talk to a collectioner as you talk to someone buying AI toys, or play stations….
    2. Images used in the articles can be reposted on social media especially Instagram
    3. When visiting places that sell the toy in question a quick snapchat, instagram, facebook, twitter etc it only takes a couple of minutes to go through your accounts quickly on a mobile… You can also stock up on shots around Christmas time….
  3. Follow up with emails. This is often greatly overlooked and it is such a shame for once you have the person’s email then you can talk to them and post your articles to them directly, providing value at all times builds trust. Once trust is there then sales occur more happily than without it. And rarely do people buy first off now, they research content and information. Be that person.

These are just a few examples and I hope they give you an insight into how to make your own best website – otherwise you can have a window on Amazon which we do have a course on. Very detailed information is obtained from someone who has been doing this for over a decade so he knows his stuff, potholes to avoid and how to best negotiate with various wholesalers so that as you are using the vocabulary of a regular you get immediate respect and fair trade 😉

To give you all this information is very exciting to me and I hope you do get some value out of it and I can’t help wonder why not go the whole way and get your own digital education too? That way you would learn about the digital economy, where to place yourself to be seen and be the go to person, have a complete knowledge about all marketing aspects so that when you outsource you can converse with the service provider that much better and get more efficiency for you both. A win win situation all round. I learned all my marketing skills here and they are giving away a free trial bundle for 30 days… Test it and see for yourself

Enjoy the journey