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Good question. Some people have what it takes and others don’t!

Why are some actors famous and others not?…

Apart from hard work, persistence and consistence there is not much difference EXCEPT the mentors they follow. Mentors are everything… They are a you further along the path. The path you have chosen to take, follow and walk on for a certain lapse of time, or until you get to be a certain person you want to become.

One of the main reasons that people fail altogether is that they don’t want to work on their mindset. Again this is a word I don’t like for the mind is then set in it’s ways so I created Mindseeds for seeds are planted every minute of every day, some grow, some do not and that is very personal 🙂

As an online marketer you are generally in the affiliate business, in a start up, consultant or freelance. Your job is to drive traffic and provide value. Sounds simple enough but the thing is you attract what you feel. Here I could go on and on for it is my favorite topic – atoms, vibrations, energy levels and so on but for now let’s just say that you can not attract a hard working person if you yourself are lounging in front of the TV. It just does not happen, it transpires that you are a couch potato and that way hard workers will just leave you to it, as they go off in search of another hard working mentor to get help from 😉

So to succeed you must raise your level of thinking, raise your level of vibrations, raise your level in every aspect of your life then and only then can you understand what it takes to succeed. For the mentor that is giving up his time – the most valuable commodity on this planet – to mentor you will also quickly see if you are an action taker or a procrastinator and he won’t waste his time if you are the latter!

Some people just don’t want to give up the Friday night booze up with the mates for a webinar on placing ads, or getting your mind in gear, others may just not see what they are doing wrong, but they are not reading the materials or doing the exercises in the manual – some of them really simple. I recall one task was to clean my desk…. Simple enough, I could have just bypassed it and gone on to 2.2 but I knew that if my mentor was telling me to do it there must be a reason that I knew not! So I cleaned the kids rooms – one by one that’s 4 rooms; then I cleaned the living room, the bathroom….. When I had an impeccable house and nothing else to clean then I had to do my desk…. This took me about 2 hours but nevertheless I was not capable of facing that fear – a clean desk!!

So would you be the one to bypass this step and not have a tidy desk? Just a simple question really…

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Let’s not forget that marketing is a skill and you have to learn it .

Enjoy your journey