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So how do you deal with the fact that you are screaming at a person who is  young, defenceless, with UNCONDITIONED LOVE for you?  Some people (most often the ones that judge have no children, don’t you find?) make you feel like a, dare I say it, tyrant type persona and then you feel real grand! Hey don’t worry I have never yes NEVER met a mother who has not once screamed at her kids,  ‘Well this does not make me feel any better!’ I hear you say.  RUBBISH! Of course we feel better if we know we are not extraterrestrials, this is not an excuse just a ‘Ouf! Thank GOD I aint alone here’.   Hey look even the animals growl at their little ones.

As a working mother there is an enormous amount we have to do – I mean raising the future generation is one thing whilst trying to make a living in a completely different environment is another.  Then there is the natural cycle to break, you know the one – boss screams at sub-director-who-then-screams-at-director-who-screams-at-collegue-who…and then you bring this home-scream-at-kid-who-screams-at-younger-sibling-who-kicks-the-dog!  Yes we know all this now the fun part the solution 🙂


Just trust me on this the majority of anxiety comes from the fact there is not enough money and we stress out about that. So the first thing to do is to silence that part by actively knowing money is coming. This first FREE gift of mine is to empower you about money via a very simple book yet so powerful it will knock your socks off!

It is recommended to work through this book I have worked through it and each time I have progressed so am getting a nugget again out of it! Good reading. Once you have some of the financial side of your life then it does make it somewhat easier to control what life throws at you, somewhat as you are now on a positive slope.

2. Another way to get a grip…

The way your day is run is very important and if you put these small changes to your day they really do make a whole difference – You can be more productive with less time spent ‘in front of your computer, again darling!’

Most of us do grab our mobile devices first thing in the morning – yes I do believe you are one of the 73% who do just that! We take a quick scroll down the emails sent, see what’s happening on the social media and start to get our head into gear for breakfast for the children and the school run! But you see you are right there being re-active to the information thrown into your lap, as it were and we THINK we are getting on top of things, proudly early in the morning!!!!! So the best way to BE ACTIVE is to take care of YOU first.  This is what I do with my day and of course this is a typical school day 😉 see below for a school holidays plan ;)…


  •   While this may sound rather pompous, it is in fact where it all starts – me – be it whatever.  So leave the mobile device alone and give a hug to your partner, pet, yourself, your cuddly toy…Then go for a walk, run, yoga, some sort of physical exercise or rather be in motion, like walking the dog is some mornings rather like being a snail ourselves but at least we are out there doing, being, in action. Wind down with some meditation, listening to calming music…
  • This means that at 9/9.30 am you will be at your most creative.  Jump on this occasion to get as much as humanly possible during this period.  Can stretch out to 3 hours 🙂
  • When the creative streak is winding down it is time to do the things that you may be a little redundant to do.   Do some phoning people are always here early lunch time or just after their ‘quick lunch’ in the office, do some administrative work, metrics, accounting…
  • Then finish your day with some training, this is rather good as most of the webinars tend to be in the evening .
  • Finish your day with a look at your day and state what is good and what needs more work – THE TO DO LIST AND THE DIARY!!! This step is so important that alone it could change your outlook! It gives you a positive feeling about your working day that when you wind down to be with your family then you’re present for them and are sort of glowing from your work.

During the holidays….

  • If you live by the sea, as I do, then it is just quick trips to the ocean front, 1 hour plus journey. The waves here are just too strong for any longer and this has to be a completely ‘OFF’ time for work and ON time to survey the children in the water, even with life guards!  If you live in an area where the sea is calmer and you could spend more time than 1 hour then find a reason which is plausible to go home, either leave to be home for lunch – children will generally coöperate if food is involved! or get back for the “gouter” the 4pm snack either home, those special biscuits we bought, or sometimes an ice cream on the beach front. This gets to be a budget too!!!! A couple of ideas to give you a jist of how it works and I am sure that you will find best fits you.
  • If you live in a forest area, as I do too, then this is bliss as a walk in the mornings not only complies with your own planning of ME 1st but also gets the children out and about. Come rain or shine we just put wellies boots on and off out that door!
  • If you live in the city center then you must find what small park is near you. This makes it an outing to get there and whilst there.  Depending on the age group of the children in the park there are various activities you could be doing; listening to an audio book, training, watching a quick webinar via your mobile device. If the children are really too young then just jot down ideas that come to you on the spot.  Some days just a flower will draw you into such a spirally way of thinking that you can’t wait to get home and write about it!
  • Of course if the children are small enough to have an afternoon nap then that is fine time to get a lot of work done, just put the timer on and time yourself one hour at a time. See all the progress you have made?!

With all these changes already you should be a lot calmer and more productive. If you really do remember to praise your steady progress daily then the atmosphere in your inner self should be healthy, shiny and prosperous.  

Of course there are more aspects into this ‘working from home’ business you are in, or want to be in or are thinking about … That is another story altogether, and you may contact me to ask me questions via the comments section on my website below. Be sure to leave a correct address…The choice is yours.