Smart City – 1st forum for Bordeaux #SmartCityBdx


#SmartCityBdx  –  Smart City – 1st forum for Bordeaux

The really lovely thing about being in Bordeaux is that the Town Hall workers really do go all out to help get the town into a brilliant forelight and there is constant movement here!

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Getting to Peace via vibrating atoms and bonds !

Peace 700+

All that follows is to enable the marketer to come from a place of pure serenity, calm understanding of his market, client’s expectations and how to fulfill them!

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Mind Stones, Marketing Stepping Stones.&



This was such a powerful statement that I had to share it with you immediately (even if tis in the wee hours and part of my bed time 5 minute journal writings… But I digress)

Mind Stones – metaphorically speaking, n’est pas?!

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Desire to Start a Small Business.

Desire verses need to start a Small Business.

In this report just out, by the UK Government (get your copy here) there are a number of points to note but one which caught my attention after the statistics of the demographics and such information is the following:

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Integrity of the marketer, constantly evolving, how to keep up?

Integrity of a true marketer and entrepreneur, how to stay true?

As an entrepreneur, marketer the evolution of your business is a constant upward spiral. As you get more clients you must expand, change the way you handle your business, otherwise you can not welcome new clients!  You get overload … Continue reading