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Hello I’m Cat. And You?

Well, you are so many things…

You’re smart. Driven. Practical. Success-orientated. You love to work and you try (just that wee bit…) to balance it with a dose of play, sports and healthy eating habits… Your people? they are incredibly important to you and you go out of your way for them – if need be.

Your life is ‘nice’, good you may even say… Your career or your business is not shabby, to say the least! Yet something is not quite where it should be – a little like something is missing almost, you just can’t put your finger on it… Or perhaps you have a very specific problem needing a specific plan to solve it., & all that “good” advice from friends, family and possibly mentors just doesn’t cut it!

Aimlessly searching on the internet I mean we’re so many billions online “Somebody, somewhere out there must have the solution to how I feel, right?!” Headlines galore ‘Earn $100,000 with your laptop from the beach’, ‘5 secrets that will up your newsletter following by a gazillion percent!’, ‘Without this ingredient, your vision boards will fail!’ and so the list goes on…… Wait you, YOU, don’t have a side hustle? You’re lazy !!!!

Unfortunately on the beach you have to stop the kids from drowning, you don’t do newsletters, vision boards – come on!! More stuff on my schedule is a NO-NO impossible, improbability that it’ll get done (if added at all!) Overwhelm-yes, unimpressed-yup, problem unsolved-YES, time slipping you by-huhun, so ‘Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou???’ springs to mind for sure! 

You need a crystal clear, concise plan solving your problem. A personalised plan. A well researched strategic plan backed by proven tactics from many disciplines. And you also need a plan that can grow organically with the rapid changes in you business, career or life.

I’m Cat. And that kind of plan? Well that’s what I do.



I have been told that success comes from a crystal clear, specific, narrowed down path.

Well they were wrong!

I’m a – in a word – number analyser,  travel lover, mind seed sower, mother (4 amazing children I adore), divorcee ( creator 😉 dog & cat master, branding agent, city and country mouse, event initiator, creator of world wide associations – what started as a wee handful is now a world brand, atoms and energy healer to boot!!

I’ve worked as – do we count the university ‘jobs?’ At 18 and when I went back to study at 28? The english teachings to surgeons  in St Tropez? The french teaching in London? The theatre  plays? My love of data analysis shown in my love of stats (Masters) and in my Chemistry degree? As a chief scientist on the Archaeological project in Indian war zones? My running the admin, accounting of the plumbing family business in Paris? Want to know about French admin work???!!! What it takes to taxi 4 kids to different activities on a sports afternoon? My love of travels and never having lived in a house more than 10 years? That makes me a pro at packing, unpacking and setting up, organising, decorating – Feng Shui of course…

Having an insatiable appetite for knowledge, growth and bettering of myself gets you in a  position of having a different  critique as 

My own path don’t look like the average path!

Your path too shall be unique,

So How My I Be Of Assistance?





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