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Divorcee’s Business School Academy

Taking you from Desperate Divorcees to Thriving Fempreneurs,

Giving you the mindset  & marketing tools and strategies, so that you to gain financial freedom.

What financial freedom looks like to you is very personal but you’ll be earning more money with a business you actually enjoy!

So sign in for the free call to see if you can apply to the Academy.

When you work with Cat Payen, she will instantly change the way you see things about your business and yourself.

Her techniques will cut through any doubts or distractions, as the sole focus of her approach is to make you successful.

Cat will hold you accountable every step of the way in order to be the very best and not allow you to fail.

Her methods push you to see the top of the mountain and begin the tangible journey of climbing to the summit!

Brad Kirsch

Founder CEO, Slider Domination