Are you authenitic?


Aesop (620 BC-560 BC)

Aesop (620 BC-560 BC)

Those who assume a character

which does not belong to them,

only make themselves ridiculous.

This quote says it all… and so it has been for thousands of years!

What are you?

Are you in some sort of relationship? Job? Internet ‘opportunity’? ‘Shiny object syndrome’? I am laughing – for even in my MLM adventure I had to be me. I can not be anybody else, can you?? I recall that, without wanting to brag, that I was good at what I did and quickly went up the ladder to become world team member… I was then trained to teach all the distributors of France within my region.  But then came the comments ‘You can not teach them dressed like that!’ ‘Your nails of every colou r can possibly scare off distributors’ so on and so forth… This was from the other distributors and world team members – not from the uplines, who knew that to grow their $$$ any distributor would do!!!   But I trained as I was and nails of all colours!

This is why I am so happy to be part of SFM Six Figure Mentors 

They TRAIN you to be your own brand!  After all we all sell the same products, whatever they may be we are only affiliates afterall.  I had at Momentum Day event last May 2014 a fellow SFM member that said these very words ‘You know, Cat, before I figured I had to be some sort of Superman, some perfect marketer, but recently I have come to the conclusion that I just have to be ME!’ 




Just to recap on the definition to make sure we all talk about the same ‘Authentic’!

au·then·tic  (ô-thntk)


1. Conforming to fact and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief: an authentic account by an eyewitness.
2. Having a claimed and verifiable origin or authorship; not counterfeit or copied: an authentic medieval sword.
3. Law Executed with due process: an authentic deed.
4. Music

a. Of, relating to, or being a medieval mode having a range from its final tone to the octave above it.
b. Of, relating to, or being a cadence with the dominant chord immediately preceding the tonic chord.
5. Obsolete Authoritative.

[Middle English autentik, from Old French autentique, from Late Latin authenticus, from Greek authentikos, fromauthentsauthor.]

au·thenti·cal·ly adv.
Synonyms: authentic, bona fide, genuine, real1, true, undoubted, unquestionable
These adjectives mean not counterfeit or copied: an authentic painting by Corot; a bona fide transfer of property; genuine crabmeat; areal diamond; true courage; undoubted evidence; an unquestionable antique.

Antonym: counterfeit

MindSet hippy trees

The joy of masterminding with like people…

Every Tuesday with Success by Hangout we go live at 20.00 GB time.

Recently we have been having a session on mindset and I must admit this off the cuff style is amazingly powerful… We have got to know each other and real affinities get to grow.

In this particular hangout (see below),

We got really deep and I started talking about trees and more particularly hugging trees…
(min 52 +++)

This is because when you hug oak trees (Quercus video -latin name) you get your vibrations to be really low and that is as close to meditation as you can get – to start with!!

I love these hangouts and here are some friends who also were inspired by the evening, they went off into this hippytree delirium Dave  from Scottland and Johan form Sweeden,  and Kieran the plumbing connection culprits!!!!

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New Webcast for you.

Here is news of the webcast…

Either you have a brick and mortar business you want to use the internet to get more customers, and boy what a leverage… Or you may be just thinking about being an affiliate marketer or just want to market your products and do not know where to start then this is for you!

For the intermediates this may be a bit too basic but I always pick up a nugget from Stuart anyhows….. So yuo may want to check it out…..

Either way enjoy the webcast .


Masterminding with the Warm Market

Masterminding with the Warm Market


To be in a position to help others is truly a gift! This means that you have got to the other side.  You may know you have but others will now know it too, and it is this that is worth the struggle and strife!

When you have the chance to BE Masterminding with the Warm Market…

Did you notice it says BE… so this is amazingly the first step to BE  DO  HAVE.

Once you hit officially that first step, things go incredibly fast.  For I have experienced this very recently and it took 2 months to put in place – then the guillotine came crashing down, slicing so nicely that ugly head and not even a month later a new head had been grown!  And since then there has been teething problems, to which even homeopathy, herbal teas and the like have all aided in the outcome to a blossoming being that is now in the DOING phase.

So what’s that for me?

This means that you too can start staring at the stairs, or if you have been staring at them you can now climb them – ONE  AT  A  TIME… For this to happen you must take action

Take control of your own destiny, live your life to the fullest and get going …

Come to the Mind Set Shift hangout Tuesday at 10 am



3 Secrets of the Universe…

The Universe’s Secrets lies in it’s energy levels as Telsa says

Telsa Energy Tzu living in the nowTelsa Energy

Where you are with respect to that!  It is obvious for me now, to say ‘Don’t let the demons get ya!’ We so often strive to do what it takes to get ourselves on that higher energy vibration and because our normal self is doing what it knows best – it is pulling us back into the old safe self! The old self knows nothing of this higher being, knows not of the beauty that sees the higher self and so it comes from where it’s always come – lack!!! There, it will show you, ‘you stupid being, how it really is, in this world – down to earth!’  But I no longer like having my face eating dirt, so it is that I brush all this off and stand, again and again and again!

The secret is as Lao Tzu says to live in the present NOW

lao tzu living in the present

 This is one secret – now.

For you to get to grips with all of this I have decided that it is time for me to offer my help to those who want to get the same tools as me!

Simply put your name and email in the boxes below and I shall see you on the hangout every Tuesday at 10.00 am – if you work and this is not a good time for you – still fill out the form and I shall run a survey to see what is best fit for you and what is best fit for me! :)

ENJOY LIFE that’s another secret…

Come to the Hangout is the real one! ;)

Bicentinary…France 14 July 1989



black skirt again red latern hats people spheres arch de triomphe


I love to talk about energies and wave lenghts, ether and financial thermostats…. Bob Proctor’s 11 Laws are just out of this world – let’s think on that a minute shall we – out of this world…. Hmmm that’s because they talk of principles that are just too non sensicle to most people.  Every time I really want something to manifest itself it will- if I really really really want it!  For eg… my temping agence called me for the bicentenary of the French revolution to be there at Place de la concorde – but because I was too small, I could only…. but on the day they placed me in the ‘hostesses’ part! So there I was working my butt off whilst the pretty tall girl was just flirting with the secruity guys. Half way through this ordeal we get called up – OK girls François Mitterand is coming to your box and the 500 people you have to sit must not sit on these benches – showing us 5 whole rows of seating! Whilst I doubled up the workload to “sit” people 35 to a tiny bench ‘But why can’t I sit there the benches are empty…?’ She was still flirting away and not budging her behind!!! It did not matter I had a front row seat, there I was just back in Paris etc But when they called me to say she would be giving the commemorative magasine to the president in my mind I was determined that it would be me! And yes it was!!! On the way home – we had no smartphones then, I rushed into the nearest hotel and asked if I may call – yes  they said (you must remember the whole of France is hysterically happy and celebrating) so I am telling my amazing stroy to T my husband and he says well where are you ? oh hold on I’ll ask… “the Ritz.”  When I walked out I was still on cloud nine and about 5 gendarmes on their motorbikes were being jovial so I joked and said that with all these crowds they coudl take a hard working girl home, surely?!!! They did – full sirens and all…  That is just one example, my life is blessed with zillions of them.

Silence or Pain?!

Do people choose pain over boredom?

I read this article and it made me howl with laughter for one and really think for two! The title alone was just too funny..

Do people choose pain over boredom?

What would you do? Would you electrocute yourself, if you really wanted to stop the boredom? I just relish the thought of brian sleep as it were! Know that you are not alone if your choice were to on just that. And that ‘s OK, (95% of the population so a good choice) as long as you do not expect me to follow in your foot steps :)

Do people choose pain over boredom?

If you do chose silence (only 5% of the population does according to Bob Proctor!) then what immediately came to my mind was in fact film producer’s “Silence andddddddddddddddd


So for me, silence will be followed by a fury of action and I talk about this in yesterday’s video 

So here is today’s - still uploading… ;)

Dragon’s Eye

Yes today I have decided that I am going to give you an explanation.  I found this video of the series really sums it up best..

For you see, I have just realised that my videos were going all over the place… save on my pages, in my Youtube channel and frankly I do not know where  they have ended up! Did that ever happen to you? I changed nothing in the settings on my iPhone but they have all gone out to the ether zone…

Which brings me to this video…

I promise you this stone looked so bland and boring not even polished. Thank goodness I am so in tune with the ether to pick these signs up. In case you are wondering the ether for me is the universe, by being a scientist I prefer to refer to it as a pure air form and can also be a transparent form ready to transport physical forms from one area to another i.e. ready to permeate and change at any given moment of calling…. Jsut wanted to be sure that I had you on the same wave length there otherwise my whole being is of no use… I am so vibrant at the moment, so full of life the old adage of do more and be more and get more is correct!

I must admit there have been gloomy dingy times but once these are past you there is but sunshine on the other side then you understand completely why you had to go through that storm!  So reach out, I am awaiting on the other side and ready to take on your very core questions…